Meet Mayo

Chef Dave is an Executive Chef. Mayo is a foodie apprentice. They have one thing in common: It’s that genuine love for delicious food which brought two people from different paths, even different corners of the world, to the same goal to work together.

Chef Dave will demonstrate that simplified sophistication can be achieved by anybody, through an intuitive and creative approach plus a bit of practice.

Our foodie blog is a project of passion, sharing the experiences, recipes and visions of a 5 star Chef who once was the personal chef to John Travolta and a successful online publisher. But it’s only a start, we like you to join us on this journey, and share your own 5 star kitchen successes which we can share with others…Food Tastes Better When It’s Shared!

May is the founder of ECP publishing which specializes in publishing educational and creative digital content online. ECP publishing has an online audience of around 4 million visitors per year and is known for one of the online world’s best quality children’s coloring network. ECP publishing has several creative projects with top global internet rankings achieved through quality content marketing and SEO effort. Smart Site Blog is the platform that helps deliver her passion for helping people achieve online success.

As an exciting new online project of ECP Publishing, we love to share Chef Dave’s passion for food with sophisticated home cooks, home cooks who want a little bit more for their everyday cooking, he will teach some tips and recipes to wow yourself and guests.

May’s zest for good food and rich culture resonates with her desire to experience different culture and enjoy exotic foods from many countries.With a creative mindset and love of food and digital photography (Mayo’s photography entries were included in National Geography ocean life project and I Love NY – official New York Tourism association photo collection).

Mayo enjoys experimenting with simple recipes from creative chefs like Jamie Oliver, Dona Hays and many more. Praise from friends and family and self fulfillment has encouraged her to go on to the next level with direct mentoring from Chef Dave.

Viva Foodies is where like-minded foodies share the passion for life via the essence of food and celebrate satisfaction and joy from either simply enjoying a nice meal in a restaurant or cooking up a storm at home! Food tastes better when it’s shared!

Favorite foods:

Spicy foods, noodle soup, juicy steak, veggie salad, sea food, cheese of all kinds, cakes of all kinds ( I have a big sweet tooth), sushi, pizza, burgers, Sunday afternoon barbecue are great too!


Favorite place,
New york, Sydney, Melbourne, Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, Peking, Shanghai, Bali, Paris and Rome will be on my list for 2014.

Least favorite foods:
Anything Scary – I couldn’t understand why some people like eat crocodiles, chicken feet and so called delicacies like worms… otherwise I love everything even Brussels sprouts and eggplant.

Favorite cuisines:
Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Modern Australian, American cuisines, Indian, Mexican, Latin American,  French, Spanish, Russian, Lebanese, Greek, Turkish ….Omg, almost every single cuisine on the planet!

Favorite thing to cook
Salads, I love to work with beautiful colors and vegetables and fruits, they are amazing!


Favorite chef,
Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Donna Hay, Chef Dave,

Craziest thing I’ve ever eaten
Once I was served some “mystery soup” later I had been told it was “cow’s penis” soup which is supposed to be good for your health, yuck!

Kitchen Disaster
I put a steamer on and forgot about adding water, the pan was burnt into total blackness and the smoke alarm went off as well!

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