Viva Foodies is about intuitive 5 star cooking & entertaining for home chefs, experienced and novice, who enjoy healthy living, love a wholesome life style, and of course, love to cook for friends and family or just indulge themselves.

We would like to share our passion for life via the essence of food. We believe being a foodie is the ultimate living style – We celebrate satisfaction and joy from either simply enjoying a nice meal in a restaurant or cooking up a storm at home! And we share this with you in our very own foodie blog – The Wholesome Foodie Blog.

Viva Foodies is pro-planet and endorses healthy living, a green environment and natural non-GM ingredients. Chef Dave is part of the Port of Green Chefs, who delivers a message of sustainable, organic living.

Viva Foodies is a community It is where we bring the simple methods and recipes along with great tips from top chefs around the world together for the love of food! We would love to invite anybody who has the same desire to share their recipes and their experience.

Love Food, Love Life, Celebrate Colors

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chefdaveChef Dave – Coronado, California
Meet your Foodie Blog Editor: Chef Dave

mm Mayo – Melbourne, Australia
Meet your Foodie Blog Editors: Mayo

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